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We provide Training for Scented Agarbatti - Masala Agarbatti, Dhoopbatti, Scent - Spray Bottle, Roller Bottle, Short Cut to Agarbatti perfume, like wise other Pooja Havan Items like Rose Water, Havan Samagri etc.. which are been used by the Mankind since the Beginning of Time.                                                                                                       
Due to urbanization & increase in awareness of Health, Hygienic Items like Phenyl, Liquid Detergent, Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Liquid Bleach, Detergent powder, Soaps, etc.. have become the necessity specially when Today’s Generation is constantly looking for Quick, Effective & Economic Cleaning Agents.
We provide Technical know how for a variety of skin care, Hair & Body care solutions like Creams, Massage Cream, Lotions, Shampoos, Shawer Gel, Nail Polish & Nail Polish remover, Talcum powder, Shaving Creams, After Shave Lotion.
Herbal Products are natural, effective, free from any side effects & are easily absorbed by our body. We give basic information for Herbal Oil, Shampoo, Creams, Face Pack, Hair Pack, Ootene, Churn etc.                                                                          
We are one of the leading manufacturers of Wax Candle Moulds / Molds. We make mould for Plain or Regular candle, Floating Candle, Designer Candle, Geometry shape candle. Our moulds are of Metal Mould, Silicone Rubber Mould, Fiber Mould, Hard Metal Casting.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of Chalk Mould. We have specialized ourself in Manual Mould for making one of the Best Quality Chalks. We have two types of mould 1] Metal Mould & 2] Rubber Mould.                                                                     
It is therapeutic treatment with aromatic essential oils. It can be used by anybody for physical, physiological Mental, spiritual well being daily or as and when required. Learn Aroma Therapy & explore the enchanting and mystical world of Natural essential oils for the benefits of Mind, Body & Spirit.
We are manufacturer of Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp Exposing Unit. Our machine is Small Compact Table Top Model for easy operation. It has got Digital timer for Perfect Accuracy, 3 UV lamps & a reflector. Simple & easy Business to start from Home with very least investment.                       
We teach 2 types of Lamination 1] Photo lamination & 2] Keychain / Object Lamination. Both are chemical process & do not require any machine to start. The Basic process is applying chemical on the object by certain procedure & this chemicals gets hard at its time & Laminates item.
Screen Printing is used to print Office Stationary like – Visiting Cards, Letter Heads, Labels, Stickers, Envelop, Office Catalogue, Paper Board, Plastics, PVC, Metals, Glass & many Electronic Circuits etc. Screen Printing is possible on any item / article and in even small quantity.
Incense Stick / Agarbatti has been with mankind since the beginning of time. It is a part of Indian Heritage. Since ancient times in India, Aromatic
Incense Stick / Agarbatti has been with mankind since the beginning of time. It is a part of Indian Heritage. Since ancient times in India, Aromatic
We have recently introduced few of the Yantras and Spiritual Items. These are developed by us with the Guidelines of our Gurujee ( Gurujee is a person who knows how to re-charge or energized Yantra as per Ancient Literature) with a view of Social Development and Prosperity with the proven Secret Wisdom as per old Religious Literature.
Homemade chocolates have become VERY Favourite &
is replacing traditional ‘Mithais’ on festivals, birth day, marriages and other celebrations. as the self-life of Chocolate is high as good as 2-3 months,Delicious Taste,also huge varieties of different Combination can be made.
We have developed perfumes / fragrances which can be used for Agarbatti ,Scent,Candels.We have Experts Perfumers as well versed in creating specific product as per the need of indivisual and discending in the industry.Giving you the Best quality at a very reasonable rates.
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