scented agarbatti & spray bottle course
Reference: NC71001

scented agarbatti & spray bottle course

Reference: NC71001

Following items are covered in this Course

  •  Scented Agarbatti
  • Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti
  •  Mat Recharger Oil
  •  Deep Sughand
  •  Scent Spray Bottle
  • Room Freshner
  • Roller Bottle
  •  Body Spray

In Scented Agarbatti - Raw Unscented Rolled sticks are very cheaply available in market. One just need to apply desired Aroma over it and the Scented Agarbatti is ready. It has been seen that on Day 1 if you try to do rolling for small quantity your cost of production will be high as compared to ready available in market. Now - a - Days there are many Local manufacturer who are full-fledge manufacturing Raw Agarbattis, hence easy to source with low price

In case you are planning to buy Manual or Automatic Machine then First Learn the course and then plan to manufacture. Now a Day small pedal Machine for making Raw Agarbattis are eas-ily available and also Learn our Masala Agarbatti Course where all the Rolling & Powder Mix-ing aspects are covered.

For making Scented Agarbatti there are many aspects like

  • Blending & Maturation - To get Best smell Blending and maturation Technique plays an important role
  •  Preserving - Commonly people face problem that when Raw Material is fresh very strong aroma they and with same Raw Material after 1 - 2 months noticeable decrease in Power of Fragrance is seen. By taking necessary care such things can be avoided.
  •  Spreading - Some of the chemicals if added during the process increase the throw / spreading / diffusing power of Agarbatti
  •  Application - By proper method of Application of Perfume - wastage of perfume can be avoided. This will increase the Power of Perfume.
  •  Binding - Adding certain chemicals will increase the binding properties of Perfume

But people are not aware of all the technical aspects. They know only few of it and think its complete knowledge. Raw Material Dealer / Supplier will provide only that much details whose Raw Material they deal in and will never declare their weak points

Thorough in-dept & Technical data covered which is actually known by very Big manufacturer or Only Export oriented Firms. In every Business cost on Research & Development is always there and compulsory - If you don’t know much of the above points don’t hesitate to learn it.

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