agarbatti perfume making (short cut)
Reference: NC71003

agarbatti perfume making (short cut)

Reference: NC71003

This is a very wonderful Topic designed by us which specially guides the Agarbatti manufacturer who are confused

  •  Which perfume to buy
  •  From where to buy
  •  At one time you get Strong and at next time Diluted one

Perfume is such a product that no one can check the Power while buying it - only have to Trust or accept what dealer is giving them. Our short-cut to compound making Topic has guided many small manufacturer to compete with Large Business Group and Competitively - Profitably sell their product in market.

It has been seen that all of them who are selling Agarbatti in market - almost majority will have

  •  Same Smell and
  •  Same Fragrance
  •  Same Variety

As majority buy from same Dealer or suppliers. So the range which you are selling can easily be copied by your competitor and there is no such specialty or differentiation unless and until you buy very big lot - which is not possible.

So what to do ?

How you can differentiate yourself from other ?

How you can have specialty product ?

How you can have different range which no one else have ?

The only answer is to make your Own Perfume. By Learning our short-cut to Agarbatti Perfume you can

  •  Create Differentiation
  •  Launch New Fragrance which is not available in Local area
  •  Bring Better smell than your competitor
  •  Reducing the cost of Production and increasing Business & Profit.

This topic is divided in 3 parts

1] Making your own Blend / perfume

2] Increasing the Power of Ready Perfume

3] Some aromatic chemicals can directly diluted many time almost 7 to 10 times to apply on Raw Agarbatti

Normally 40 - 50 chemicals need to be added for making any Perfume but there are many formulas whereby by mixing 5 - 10 / 15 chemicals perfume can be easily made. Knowledge covered on

  •  Blending
  •  Preservation
  •  Maturation
  •  Mixing
  •  Fragrance Profile

Also in any perfume there are specific Chemicals which play almost 20-40% role play or are active ingredients. Normally as perfume manufacturer has to sell at specific price they cannot increase such ratio. But when you know such thing and by increasing or adding that chemical in ready perfume you can differentiate your perfume or can increase the power of such perfume.

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