scented / spray compound making (short cut)
Reference: NC71004

scented / spray compound making (short cut)

Reference: NC71004

If you are in Spray Bottle / Scent manufacturing then this Topic would bring to you in another level. There are many aspect in Spray perfume Making

  •  Top Note
  •  Middle Note
  •  Base Note

Every scent is clever combination of different chemicals with above properties. By learning this topic you can yourself blend your perfume and can also increase the Lasting of fragrance with nominal extra cost

Now - a - days people are willing to pay Rs. 1500 - 3000 for Imported Perfume as it has Long Lasting. If same or similar effect you can bring to your own perfume you can very well sell your product at Good price or at given price your product will be sold easily & people will come again and again to you and would refer your name to their Friend and Family.

By Learning this topic you can

  •  Strength
  •  Spreading
  •  Lasting of Perfume
  •  Using different Fixative for different aromas

You can differentiate from Local available scent by which customer will come to you only and not your competitor.

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