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Masala Agarbatti – Dhoopbatti Course
• Within India Fees: Rs. 2750.00  
• Outside India Fees: $. 75.00   
Generally No Machine Required for this Item. Demo is given at our office only.
Here we teach you to make Masala Agarbatti by Hand Rolling on Bamboo sticks with use of Natural items like Dhoop, Ood, Loban, Herbal Powders, Chandan, Camphor etc. Also Herbal Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti is possible by Hand Roll. No side effect. Here we explain & Demonstrate mixing Few materials, proportions & making Dough by mixing water & Hand - Roll on Plain Bamboo sticks to get Masala Agarbatti.

The saying in our Indian Culture is that by burning Masala Agarbatti made from these Natural Powders purify the atmosphere & brings Happiness, Love, Peace, Prosperity & Progress in our life and Vastu & Feng Shui experts & Aroma Therapist also prefer this.
  • We give you varieties of formulas to make different kind of Masala Agarbattis like - Standard Masalabatti, Chandan - Sandal, Rose - Gulabbatti, Mosquito Repellent Masala Agarbatti, Panadi WET Batti, Dry Batti, Dhoopbatti, Cone & few more varieties.
  • You can also modify as per your requirement and make your specialty.
  • Made as per our Ancient Texts with Aromatic Herbs & Aayurvedic Powders.
  • Ideal for Daily Pooja, Havan, Meditation & Yoga Therapy.
  • You can also add Natural Essential Oil or Aroma Oil to make it more Prestigious.
  • You can also make Dhoop Batti by Hand Process with the same material.
  • You can also to get pure material at Low rate for your own Religious purpose.
  • DRY Stick & WET Batti idea is provided. One can roll on the stick or can bake stickless batti / cone also when the mixture is wet.
Short cut to Agarbatti Perfume -
Learn to make Low cost – Best / Medium / Cheap quality
• Within India Fees: Rs. 4500.00 
• Outside India Fees: $ 180.00  
Generally No Machine Required for this Item.
We are pleased to inform that we have developed Short Cut Course to Agarbatti Perfume. We have explained Basic information which will explain you how to prepare your own Perfume for Scented Agarbatti. It is simple mixing of various Aromatic Chemicals & easy to understand.
  • Gain Extra knowledge, Increase Quality at Competitive Rates.
  • Save on your production cost & Agarbatti Perfume Cost.
  • Expand your Current Business with varieties
Short Cut to scent/Spray Perfume Making
• Within India Fees: Rs.2000.00 
• Outside India Fees: $ 80.00  

we have explained basic information which will explain you how to prepare your own perfume for Scent Spery Bottle.It is simple mixing of various Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemicals.
Rose Water / Kewda Water
• Within India Fees: Rs. 1000.00 
• Outside India Fees: $ 40.00  
Theory Information Only. No Machine Required.

Used in Pooja, Havan, Facial & Cosmetic uses also. By the basic know how you can also prepare other like Jasmine Water so on…
Hawan Samagri
• Within India Fees: Rs. 1000.00 
• Outside India Fees: $ 40.00  
Theory Information Only. No Machine Required.
Havan means Fire in front of God i.e. YAGNA. The material we offer to this Fire or YAGNA are numerous Fragrant Herbs, Leaves, Barks, Loban, etc., that material is Havan Samagri. This material burn in YAGNA and makes atmosphere Pure & bring Health & Prosperity as per Hindu Mythology & remove evil things.

YAGNA is big thing, so now a days individual use this Havan Samagri very oftenly or in daily use. Havan Samagri when sprinkled in small quantity on heated coal, it emits smoke with a Fragrance of Natural Material & Dhoop.

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