herbal aayurvedic items (book + lecture)
Reference: NC75001

herbal aayurvedic items (book + lecture)

Reference: NC75001

Ayurveda or Herbal is ancient Indian Science of medicine. These products are combination of natural herbs that are easily absorbed by our body. Since they are natural they are made effective and free from any side effects. We give basic information for various useful combinations for your personal use.

Readily available natural substances were the first medicines used by humans. Primitive and ancient civilizations as well as contemporary cultures throughout the world have always relied on herbs to provide the benefits that have been observed with their use. The information given herewith is taken from authentic texts, gathered from reliable articles and is mainly for information purpose.

It is not meant for a substitute of a Physician. Before using aayurveda understand your body nature, item property and consult expert in this field before self – medication.

We give basic information for the following items

Herbal Oils

  •  A range of natural nourishers that make your hair look Healthy, Glowing & Beautiful.
  •  It reduces Hair Loss & removes Dandruff. It contains extracts of Brahmi, Maka, Amla, Jaswand etc.
  •  Its gentle massage strengthen the roots of the Hair & this cooling-oil, has very calming & soothing effect on the   nervous system. Regular use of this oil promotes hair growth in length & density both.

Herbal Hair Pack,

  •  Some skins & scalps are extra sensitive & cannot tolerate even the ‘preservatives’ in the cosmetic formulations – but   need to   keep their hair clean & healthy. This is a unique preparation, to cater to special needs of special people.

Herbal Mehendi Natural Dye

  •  We provide formulation for Herbal Mehendi natural Dye for dying your hair. It bring natural Dark Brown Black shade on   your hair

Herbal Shampoo Powder, Dry Shampoo Powder, Herbal Shampoo Liquid,

  •  It is an excellent combination of nourishing & cleansing agents. It helps stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp,   thus ensures strengthening of hair.
  •  Powerful properties of natural herbs, besides enriching the hair with Vitamins & Proteins, also prevent hair-fall &   premature-graying.

Herbal Face Pack, Face Scrub, Sun Tan Pack, Honey Gold Pack,

  •  The floral extracts hydrate & maintain the natural ph balance of the skin. It tones up the skin, leaving it looking fresh &   clear. Improves the complexion also. Refines skin texture, tightens skin pores, thereby giving overstressed skin a   healthy radiance.
  •  Face Scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin – not only removes dirt, grime & dead cells from the surface   but also removes any blemishes, giving the skin a very healthy & natural glow.

  •  Sun Tan Pack - Due to Sunrays, the skin tone gets uneven & looks darker on some parts & lighter on some. This pack   removes the tan & makes the skin fairer too, giving it a Glow & youthful appearance.

Herbal Cream,

  •  Moisturizes your skin leaving it soft & smooth. Prevents dryness and increases suppleness and elasticity to your skin.   Skin looks healthier, more radiant & dramatically revitalized.

Ootene for Bath,

  •  Traditionally people use Pure Herbs mixture for Bathing purpose compared to the chemicals used in today’s time. This   Pure Herbs gets absorbed in the body for wellbeing.

Churn – Health Tonic, Rasayan Churn, Triphala Churn,

  •  Churns are simple herbal powder mixture which are easy to consume directly with water / honey etc . These Churn   Boosts Immunity, Energy, Blood purify and general Health benefit without side effect

Massage Oil Anti Stress Massage Oil, Body Massage Oil,

  •  Massage is a relaxing & nourishing experience in itself as it ensures that the oils are effectively absorbed through the   skin and into blood stream to show their maximum effects.
  •  Rejuvenates your body and mind , reliving you from stress, exhaustion and overwork.

Herbal Tooth Powder,

  •  There are certain herbs that benefits to both teeth as well as to gums. The herbs act as killing germs, stop cavity   formation, keep gums healthy & also beneficial to mouth muscles without any side effects.

Herbal Mosquito Repellent Powder,

  •  Here we sprinkle Herbal Mosquito Repellent over the Burnt Coal & so the smoke emitted repels the Mosquito.

Herbal Tea [khada]

  •  It’s a Herbal Tea / Khada & not the normal Tea. In it by the use of few Herbal items like Brahmi etc, one can make &   drink instead of Normal Tea. This is also good for Health.
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