aroma & spa product course (book + lecture)
Reference: NC75002

aroma & spa product course (book + lecture)

Reference: NC75002

Topics covered are like

  •  Introduction to Aroma Therapy
  •  Making of Aroma Products
  •  Making Blends

Introduction to Aromatherapy - Why is Aromatherapy necessary

Almost everyone today complains of stress, depression, tension, insomnia, fatigue and everybody wish health, wealth and happiness in their life. Some go for medication, but many have resorted to Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy relies on essential oil to achieve gentle, nurturing effect on Body & mind. It is therapeutic treatment with aromatic essential oils.

  •  Gives Spa Luxury experience. Soothing relief from Arthritic Pain, Relaxation, freshness, Improve Confidence. Tension   and stress Relief. General Body, Mind and Soul benefits.
  •  Can be used by anybody for physical, physiological [ Skin care, Hair Care, muscular pain, circulatory system,   emotional  system etc.], Mental, spiritual well being daily or as & when required. Different oils have different effect   such as Lavender for relaxation, Jasmine oil alert mind.
  •  Useful in joint related problems [stiffness, soreness, tightness], Useful in Muscle related Problems [Muscle Pain / Aches   / tenderness]. Fun in Bath And Many More
  •  Improve and increase body energy level, Improve the rate of natural body healing [More in case of Epsom Salt added   with particular blends of aroma oils]
  •  Skin friendly, Natural Moisturizers, Cleaner. Benefits in circulatory System.
  •  Also if you know about ‘AURA’ it, Bath Salt improves our body’s aura level result in health.

Making Different Aroma Spa Products

There are many Aroma & spa products which are running in Market Like -

1. Bath Salts

2. Bath Oils

3. Aroma Beauty Soap

4. Car Perfume

5. Room Fresheners

6. Bed Time Spray

7. Massage Oils

8. Potpourri Refilling

9. Reed Diffuser Refill Spray Basic

10. Freshness Spray

11. Rose Water

12. Short-cut to Shampoo

13. Short-cut to Hand Wash S-cut

14. Shortcut to Body Wash - Shawer Gel

15. Jasmine for Bath

Making Different types of Blend Covered like -

Making your own blend plays a very important Role.

1. By that you can increase the Power or benefit of oil. Say Lavender & Ylang Ylang have relaxing benefit. Combining both the oil will increase the relaxing power and product will be more beneficial compared to only 1 oil used

2. If one is using only Lavender oil - the smell can be easily copied, but when 2 - 3 different oils are added - no one can easily copy your fragrance. This could bring Specialty or monopoly in your product

3. Following blends are covered

  •  Relaxation Blend,
  •  Soothing Blend
  •  Freshness Blend
  •  Skin Toning Blend
  •  Calming Blend
  •  Spiritual Benefit Blend
  •  Stimulation Blend
  •  Uplifting Blend
  •  Fatigue Relief Blend
  •  Aches & Pain Relief
  •  Romantic Blend
  •  Pre Menstrual Syndrome
  •  Anti Wrinkle Blend
  •  Mediation Blend
  •  and many more with different combination given
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