shampoo making course (book+live)
Reference: NC75004

shampoo making course (book+live)

Reference: NC75004

Shampoos are the Big shot in market. Everyone needs different types of Shampoo for different purpose, hence In Synthetic Shampoo for hair, different types of shampoo for different purpose are covered. Following topics are covered in this Course Book.

1. Aloe Vera Shampoo - This shampoo incorporates aloevera extract and jojoba oil which provide conditioning and                    nourishment to dry hair, making them healthy bouncy and shiny.

2. Damage Hair Shampoo

3. Special for dry hair with conditioners - Protein shampoo, containing high water retaining ingredients is suitable for dry        hair. Cleaning is the simplest but important work.

4. Jaswant Cream Shampoo - Comprises of Jaswand flower (Hibiscus Rosa Seninsis) extract which helps reduce hair fall,          split ends, early graying & promotes hair growth by providing nourishment to them.

5. Jajoba Shampoo - Rich in proteins & minerals, Jojoba is known for its softening properties.

6. Lemon Shampoo for Oily Hairs - Suitable for oily & greasy hair, this lemon shampoo gently but effectively cleanses your        hair and scalp, bringing softness and vitality.

7. Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Dandruff is - scaling of epidermal layer of skin on the scalp. This condition occurs due to allergy      or infection. Antibacterial & antiseptic properties of Rosemary, in combination with other items help to cure this problem.

8. Almond Shampoo - Gentle all purpose Shampoo

9. Sandalwood Shampoo

10. Orange Shampoo - The special scalp-cleansing ingredient in Botanical Origins Orange Shampoo comes from natural                orange oil. Natural power of orange leaves your scalp deep clean & beautiful.

11. Transparent Shampoo

12. Pearl Shampoo

13. Lanolin Shampoo

14. Mild Shampoo

15. Beer Shampoo - The proteins from the malt and hops in the beer coat the hair and build it up and help repair damage. It leaves the hair with wonderful body.

16. Green Apple Shampoo

17. Economy Shampoo

18. Menicure Pedicure Shampoo

19. Balance Tea Shampoo

20. Egg Shampoo

21. Conditioners

22. Herbal Shampoo Water

23. Herbal Shampoo – Liquid - Excellent combination of nourishing & cleansing agents. It helps stimulate the blood circulation in scalp. Powerful properties of Herbs, enriches the hair with Vitamins & Proteins, also prevent hair-fall & premature-graying.

24. Herbal Shampoo – Powder

25. Liquid Bath Soap - Liquid Bath Soap for daily use to keep you clean & fresh. It cleans, deodorizes and keep you fresh.

26. Shawer Gel. - Shower Gel cleanses the skin while replenishing it with moisture and skin softening oils. Use for your daily beauty bath routine to remove deep-seated microbes and pollutants.

27. Jasmine for Bath [ aroma type bath ] - Sensual and relaxing, the scent of fragrant jasmine lifts and lightens your mood. Experience the ultimate bath luxury. This luxurious bubble bath, infused with chamomille, deeply moisturizes and conditions your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant.

28. Hand Wash Liquid Soap - Liquid Hand Wash has been specially formulated with moisturizer to leave your hands clean, soft and with a gentle feel. It is a premium quality hand care product.

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