creams & lotions course (book + lecture)
Reference: NC75005

creams & lotions course (book + lecture)

Reference: NC75005

In Creams and Lotion, there are different forms of Creams for different purposes like Wax Creams, Vanishing Cream, Cleansing, Nourishing, Massage etc. Find below different varieties of Creams & Lotions and their usage purpose

Paraffin Wax Cream

Paraffin Wax Cream is an effective combination of Pure Paraffin Blended with Herbal Extracts, Nourishing Oils. Helps to Hydrate, Nourish & smooth the skin. It soothes & moisturizes Dry skin. Following types covered in Paraffin Wax Cream

1. Wax Cream Basic,

2. Beauty Cream,

3. Moisturising Cream,

4. Nourishing Cream,

5. Hand / Body Cream,

6. Rose Cleansing Cream

Vanishing Cream

A cream used cosmetically (mostly by women) for softening and cleaning the skin. Vanishing cream is an oil control Puff Cream using Lanolin as a non-greasy moisturizing and conditioning base. Application will reduce oiliness and skin shine, giving a vogue flat look to over oily skin.

Cleansing Cream

Cleansing Cream gently enhances skin radiance. Helps remove impurities caused by pollution & with use of synthetic make up materials. Also removes excessive oil from the skin. Cleansing is important step in caring for our skin & preserving a beautiful skin. Following types covered in Cleansing Cream

1. Cleansing Cream Basic

2. Rose Water Cleansing Creams

3. Cucumber Cleansing Cream

4. Violet Cleansing Cream

Nourishing Cream

Skin Nourishing cream is a unique blend of natural emollients, herbal extracts and nourishing oils which serve to provide vital nutrients, natural Moisturising and antioxidant properties to keep skin free from disorders. Good for all types of skin. It nourishes, moisturizes & refreshes the skin. Following Types are covered in Nourishing Creams

1. Coca Butter Cream

2. Elder Flower Cream

3. Wheat Germ Cream

4. Honey Cream

5. Vitamin Cream

6. Oily Nourishing Cream

Moisturizing Cream,

Almost all skin Normal - Dry as well as Oily needs moisturizer - available in the form of Cream & Lotions. One can apply Moisturizer after Cleaning - Toning of skin. Also best before applying makeup. Provides moisture boost to your skin, smooth & Radiant skin. Preserves youthful skin. Following types covered

1. Almond Oil Moisturising Cream

2. Sunflower Oil Cream

3. Jasmine Moisture Cream

4. Herb Cream

Body / Hand Lotion

Body Lotion contains moisturizers, which removes dryness & nourishes the skin. It is very effective in winter season to maintain the moisture balance of your skin to make it soft and glowing. It also helps in healing cuts. A non greasy lotion conditions the skin & leaving it soft and supple.

Massage Cream for Facial

Massage cream imparts an excellent nourishment and smoothness to skin. Daily use of Massage Cream brings out a radiant glow by increasing the blood flow and draining out of impurities from the skin. Excellent for rejuvenation of dull, sallow & dehydrated skin.

Vasaline & Petroleum Jelly

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