candle making course
Reference: NC73001

candle making course

Reference: NC73001

1 Day Training Session which takes app. 2 – 3 Hours. Topics covered

 Selecting Candle Moulds – There are variety of moulds available for making candle like Plain, Floating, Designer, Pillar

 Selecting Wax – To make Best quality Candle you must have proper mixture of various Wax-es and Hardener to get Best Finishing

 Selecting Thread – For optimum burning of any candle you need to have Perfect thread. So selecting proper thread plays a very important role.

 Selecting Colour & Pigments. Making Single Colour, Multi Colour candles.

 Selecting Proper Lubricants so that candle comes out of mould perfectly

 Selecting proper Grade of Perfume & Aroma to get Best result

 Packaging, Production Process, Calculation of Cost of Production.

 Varieties of Candle covered like Floating, Designer, Fancy, Plain & Regular, Tea-light Candle, Aroma Candles, Chunk Candle, Mosquito Repellent Candles, Address of Candle Makers Wholesale Supplier of Raw Material

 Free Follow guidance provided if required.

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