french & belgium fillings chocolate course
Reference: NC76002

french & belgium fillings chocolate course

Reference: NC76002
  •  Refers to fillings originated from Belgium & French.
  •  Imported chocolate fillings with pure chocolates or from Belgium chocolate.
  •  Belgium chocolate consist of a chocolate shell with a softer, sometimes liquid, filling,
  •  The most traditional filling is of hazelnut, almonds, sugar, syrup and often milk-based pastes which with distinctive   types of low-melting point chocolate forms a main product of many Belgian chocolatiers.
  •  French fillings refers to Mousse, Ganache, Tiramisu, Creamy filling inside with infuse of any natural flavors to add a     new  blend taste originally from French .

Topics Covered

1. White Chocolate Caramels,

2. Domino,

3. Orange Dark Chocolate,

4. Rich Butter Scotch,

5. Rasberry Premium,

6. Florentine Mousse ,

7. L‘ Alberta,

8. Sesame Ginger delight,

9. Walnuts Bon Bon,

10. Anise Sticks,

11. Bee Hives,

12. Apricot Ganache,

13. Malacoff,

14. Tiramisu Chocolate,

15. Hobonos,

16. Cashew Square,

17. Almond Butter Florentine,

18. English Toffee Brittle.

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