chocolate crafting course
Reference: NC76003

chocolate crafting course

Reference: NC76003

Chocolate Crafting is the newly added type in chocolate which has gained huge popularity now a days. The much in trend craft & art on chocolates‖ is being use for gifting in any small or big occasions, par-ties, get together, baby showers and at any other function.

Topic covered -

1. Pure Chocolates : (a) What are they?, (b) How to melt, (c ) Why to use this? (4) different from regular compound.

2. Flavoring with Belgium based flavors— Belgium flavoring oils are very concentrated - technique to use them is covered

3. Dipped chocolate,

4. Filled with caramel & chocolate filled centers,

5. Molded chocolates with Professional Polycarbonate and its benefit.

6. Printed chocolate with use of Imported Mould

7. Embossed & Texture print on Chocolates.

8. Colored chocolates with 3 types - light effect of color on chocolate, full colored chocolates & cocoa butter color chocolates.

9. Different Professional Advance Techniques in making Decorative Chocolates.

10. Introduction to new products use to do art & craft on chocolate.

11. Address from direct source.

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