hygenic & cleaning recipe - book
Reference: NC72022

hygenic & cleaning recipe - book

Reference: NC72022

1. Toilet perfume

2. Surgical / medical cleaning use

  • Surgical antiseptic
  • Lysol cleaner
  • Castor soap general emulsifier

3. Hospital use germicidal detergent powder

4. Bottle cleaner industrial purpose

5. Hydrogen bleach textile industrial purpose

6. Sanitary cube / air freshner home made without machinery for personal use

7. Tiles cleaner

8. Magic shinning powder - used to clean sunmika

9. Mirror polish paste bulk consumption where you see big glass showcase, display house etc.

10. Detol type anti-septic drug license required or ideal for hospital / medical own use.

11. Castor liquid soap & black phenyl with it. Hospital use. Drug license requires in black phenyl.

12. Convert oil base perfume to water soluble one [in limited / certain case]

13. Thinner hardware and paint item

14. Liquid cleaner glass cleaner type

15. Silver cleaner powder

16. Glass cleaner powder - for show-room and glass showcase and glass display furniture.

17. Cutlery cleaner for bulk cutlery manufacturers, hotels, canteen contractors. Also removes tea / coffee stains from cutlery.

18. Show piece cleaners used by handicraft show room, for white metals, brass & copper statues.

19. Paint cleaner detergent for washing paint surface / painted articles

20. Synthetic pine oil just chemical mixture

21. Dairy cleaners detergent for cleaning dairy equipment [removes milk oriented dirt in any form from milk / dairy vessel]

22. Bottle glassware washing powder

23. Spectacle glass + frame cleaner

24. Paint brush cleaner

25. Eco friendly paper bag with hand made paper / news paper / scrape paper

26. Important points information one can use it where applicable

This is Must Have Book for everyone who enters in Hygienic & Cleaning items. Commonly our Consultancy charges for 1 topic is Rs. 1500.00 you might have seen in earlier list - this is having 25 items and that too for a nominal cost of Rs. 5000.00

Some items are inter - related, knowledge of such items will help you Grow your Cleaning items E.g

  • Lysol cleaner is covered in this Topic, synthetic Pine oil covered.
  • Magic shinning Powder is nothing but re-packing of ready available powder & selling in name of Magic shinning & people are charging 4 - 5 times the cost of product.
  • Many cheap aromatic Oil soluble fragrance available by topic 12 - convert Oil based to water soluble will help to further reduce the price, and many more. Take advantage of it.
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