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Oct 26 2015

Professional Chocolate Making Course

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Have you always wanted to become a chocolate maker? Get started with Niral Business Institute and Learn how to make chocolate, use chocolate moulds and professional chocolate recipes. The curriculum covers the entire chocolate-making and manufacturing process to produce bulk chocolate and create final products. We offer a range of chocolate making courses for beginners it involves very specific knowledge, skill sets so whether you are a chocol
Sep 28 2015
With the holidays in full swing the candles are sure to come out. Instead of spending a ton of money on the newest and latest,learn how to make your very own candles from aromatherapy to novelty. Candle Making is a great skill to have, our candle making projects range from outdoor to scented.
Jun 15 2015

Candle Making with Silicone Rubber Moulds

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There are many Beautiful designs which cannot be made in Metal Moulds, Latex Rubber Mould, Plastic Moulds. Hence for making such Beautiful Designer Candle Silicone Rubber Moulds are used. There are of 2 types of Rubber.