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    Scented Agarbatti - Spray Bottle Course

    Following items are covered in this Course

    • Scented Agarbatti
    • Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti
    • Mat Recharger Oil
    • Deep Sughand
    • Scent Spray Bottle
    • Room Freshner
    • Roller Bottle
    • Body Spray

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    Following items are covered in this Course

    • Scented Agarbatti
    • Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti
    • Mat Recharger Oil
    • Deep Sughand
    • Scent Spray Bottle
    • Room Freshner
    • Roller Bottle
    • Body Spray

    Scented Agarbatti

    In Scented Agarbatti - Raw Unscented Rolled sticks are very cheaply available in market. One just need to apply desired Aroma over it and the Scented Agarbatti is ready. It has been seen that on Day 1 if you try to do rolling for small quantity your cost of production will be high as compared to ready available in market. Now - a - Days there are many Local manufacturer who are full-fledge manufacturing Raw Agarbattis, hence easy to source with low price

    In case you are planning to buy Manual or Automatic Machine then First Learn the course and then plan to manufacture. Now a Day small pedal Machine for making Raw Agarbattis are eas-ily available and also Learn our Masala Agarbatti Course where all the Rolling & Powder Mix-ing aspects are covered.

    For making Scented Agarbatti there are many aspects like

    • Blending & Maturation - To get Best smell Blending and maturation Technique plays an important role
    • Preserving - Commonly people face problem that when Raw Material is fresh very strong aroma they and with same Raw Material after 1 - 2 months noticeable decrease in Power of Fragrance is seen. By taking necessary care such things can be avoided.
    • Spreading - Some of the chemicals if added during the process increase the throw / spreading / diffusing power of Agarbatti
    • Application - By proper method of Application of Perfume - wastage of perfume can be avoided. This will increase the Power of Perfume.
    • Binding - Adding certain chemicals will increase the binding properties of Perfume

    But people are not aware of all the technical aspects. They know only few of it and think its complete knowledge. Raw Material Dealer / Supplier will provide only that much details whose Raw Material they deal in and will never declare their weak points

    Thorough in-dept & Technical data covered which is actually known by very Big manufacturer or Only Export oriented Firms. In every Business cost on Research & Development is always there and compulsory - If you don’t know much of the above points don’t hesitate to learn it.

    Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti

    There are many Natural Essential Oil which repels Mosquitos and other insects. Using such Oil while making Agarbatti will not only give aroma but will also help repel Mosquitos and other insects. Some oil has such an effect that even after burning Agarbattis mosquitos get repelled for certain more hours also.

    Mat Recharge Oil

    Similarly such oils can be used as Mat recharger Oil - people can use 4 - 6 drops on used mat everyday and recharge it also one can re-fill in liquidators.

    Deep Sughand

    People Burn Oil or Ghee Diya in front of GOD. In the same Diya if you add few Drops of Deep Sugandh, it will spread Sweet Fragrance in nearby area on Burning.

    Scent / Spray Bottle

    People have used Perfume, Oils on their bodies for Thousands of years. Scent has always attracted Human. The sweet fragrance of scent keeps one fresh and cool throughout the day. As per the changing Fashion and trend and Launch of many Malls all over INDIA has given rise in sale and consumption of Scent / Spray Bottle all over India. Now-a-Days everyone wants Imported Type Fragrance which last for whole day and they are actually spending Rs. 1000 - 3000 for the same, which similar can be made at Home at Rs. 70 - 150 [ depending on the quality you make.

    People think that its all Branding and bottle have to be made in bulk and so on. There are many imported type bottle of Local made which are open design i.e. anyone can use it and same minimum 6 or 12 are easily available.

    Knowledge for making

    1. Local Blend
    2. Imported Blend with Whole Day lasting
    3. How to fill in Scent Bottle
    4. How to do Sealing
    5. One can also Re-fill empty Bottle - know how given
    6. How to increase Lasting of fragrance

    Roller Bottle

    Roller Bottle - Small 3 / 5 / 10 ml Roller bottles are also available in market, These bottles are very easy to carry & apply hence it has got a very good consumption for the people who are in Working Class, College Students, Marketing People, Sales Executive regularly and Daily use it

    • before visiting College, Office or meeting with clients,
    • In break time to fresh them up and be active.
    • After leaving from office, college and so on,

    As Big Scent bottles are not easy to carry, these roller Bottles have a very good Business for specific class of people for specific use. Can easily come in ones pocket or in ladies purse. Technically Attar is different item, but this product is sold in name of Attar also

    Room Freshener

    It's is used to keep the Room & surrounding atmosphere Fresh & lively. It gives extremely sweet fragrance. Here we teach basic room freshener refilled in manual hand pump only . Other application of it; it can be used in Air Coolers, a Special Spray Fan at wedding ceremony from where fine fragrance comes. Packing in Tin or Aluminum Pressure Bottle requires Huge Machinery Investment, hence this part is not included.

    Body Spray

    This is actually meant for personal use only or can be sold as a spray scent to the people who generally apply scent on their skin. In it general idea is provided for manufacturing Body Spray. Here the chemical used are safer on skin compared to that of the Spray Bottle meant for garments only. Packing in Tin or Aluminum Pressure Bottle requires Huge Machinery Investment & License also; hence that part is not included.

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