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    Agarbatti & Spirituality Course

    Agarbatti and Spirituality will always move together. But many times New Entrepreneur forget the importance of such Point and what change it can bring to their Products and Business.

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    Agarbatti and Spirituality will always move together. But many times New Entrepreneur forget the importance of such Point and what change it can bring to their Products and Business.

    Those who are aware of such things or have learnt from us are already doing Big Business and are also having Great Product with Excellent Spiritual Benefit. For that purpose only we have brought many following items which are rich in spiritual knowledge which you can bring in your products. Learn all such items and increase your Product Range

    Following topics are covered
    1] Pooja Oil
    2] Havana Samaghri
    3] Navgraha Powder
    4] Rose Water
    5] Go-mutra refilling
    6] Cone Dhoop

    Agarbatti & Spirituality - How it works

    Just to explain you how all such thing works - a little example on - what is Astrology ?

    • Astrologers claim that Grahas influence the auras (energy bodies) and minds of beings connected to the Earth. Each Graha carries a specific energy quality, which is described in an allegorical form through its scriptural and astrological references.
    • The energies of the Grahas are getting connected in a specific way to the individual auras of humans at the time they take their first breath in a given nativity. These energy connections remain with the natives of Earth as long as their current body lives.
    • "The nine planets are transmitters of universal, archetypal energy. The qualities of each planet help to maintain the overall balance of polarities in both the macrocosmic and the microcosmic universe - as above, so below..."
    • Humans are also capable to tune themselves to the chosen energy of a specific Graha through Samyama with that Graha or its presiding deity.
    • "When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency & this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy & drags it into our body & surroundings."

    Let us study these points by the example of the planet Saturn.

    • People in general tend to fear saying this planet's name and are scared once they find that they are under the influence of Saturn (Saade Sathi or the so called Seven and half years period of Saturn's cycle).
    • As listed, Saturn is identified with Iron & Steel and its rays contain Iron particles. When Iron substance is excessively found in one's body then the neuron chips in the brain gets disturbed or scattered. This puts a person under Saturn's effects to great hardship. A person under its influence is likely to attract unwanted and unlawful activities.

    What are Remedy & Scientific reason behind that

    • Many are suggested to wear blue sapphire stone during that specific period, the Saturn's ill effects are minimal. But how a stone or gem can bring solace is questioned by many. The fact is that the mineral content in a particular stone and the cosmic radiation combined together are beneficial and will reduce the Saturn’s ill effect.
    • Another suggestion is to light/burn the gingili (sesame) seeds soaked into gingili (sesame) oil & inhale the carbon. By inhaling the gingili Carbon, the ventricles take it directly to the brain and the chemical reaction caused in the brain releases the excessive Saturn Radiations from the brain, through the seven visible holes in the face itself - i.e. nostrils, ear, eyes and mouth, the skull punch or the focal point, (from where brain waves are emitted).
    • It is said, that gingili seeds absorbs the Saturn's rays directly from the body & gives relief to the sufferer. This is also done on a Saturday. Hence people go to Hanuman Mandir or Shani Mandir on Saturday and offer Sesame Oil

    By this you came to know the importance of Specific Powder - Specific Colour. Sameways there are many many different combination for different Purpose of life - Health, Wealth, Prosperity, removing Negativity, Family understanding and many more. In this Topic there are specific products which can solve the purpose. Topics covered.

    Pooja Oil

    It is mixture of various Divine Oils & when used in Lamp to your Favourite God or Goddess at the time of Prayer you will get the whole Blessing of your God or Goddess.

    Havana Samaghri

    It consist numerous Fragrant Herbs, Leaves, Barks, Loban, etc., which when burn in YAGNA and makes atmosphere Pure & bring Health & Prosperity as per Hindu Mythology & remove evil things.

    Rose Water and Kewda water

    Used in Pooja, Havan, Facial & Cosmetic uses also. One can also prepare other Water like Jasmine, Kewda Water, Lavender Water & so on

    Deodourization of Gomuter [ Cows Urine ] & Holy Water

    Used in Pooja, Religious Purpose for area purification, Vastu Shanti, Increase positivity, Remove Negativity. Technique to de-odorize with preservative for long use and holy water and start business or for own use.

    Aastagandha & Navgrah powder Mix

    It is material we offer in pooja & makes atmosphere Pure & bring Health & Prosperity as per Hindu Mythology & remove evil things.

    Cone Dhoop

    Re-pack powder to use in cone dhoop, for your client using cone dhoop. Or for own use. It is ancient form of burningaromatic herbs, dhoops in religious use.


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