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Will I be able to learn from self-study course material? What if I have any difficulty in future?

Yes, definitely, we have systematically provided details & step-by-step procedure. Most probably you won't face any difficulty in going through the course material.

If any difficulty you can always call us at 91-22-25641428/ 25923657 in our working hours 11 - 7 PM or you can write to us or email us. You can also make a personal visit at our office if possible from your end with prior appointment and free follow up guidance will be provided.

Do you provide demonstration for all the topics?

For certain Topics we provide demonstration of manufacturing but many items are such that manufacturing process is very simple, but the process is very lengthy hence for such topics we provide theory information only. We assure you that whether Theory or Demonstration you will understand properly.

Can we attend the course for the topics you provide demonstration after purchasing/ordering self-study course material? Do I have to pay extra for that?

Yes, of course but with prior appointment & confirming the Timing. No Extra charges will be charged.

In many courses we provide demonstration and in few courses we only provide Theory information. We have mentioned all the details on website, where demonstration is possible we provide & where not we provide you the theory information of manufacturing process.

Even in the course where demonstration is there, it is for a short durationbut main is the theory part. E.g. our scented Agarbatti course duration is only for 2 hours. Manufacturing Agarbatti is hardly 10 - 15 minutes work, but what chemicals are used, their benefits, mixing, quality control, costing, etc., comes in 2 hours course duration.

How can I place an order for the course material? How do I make a payment?

You can place the order for your required course by directly placing order online or by Email, Fax, Phone, Letter. You can place the order for the course online with the help of Credit Card or Internet Banking.

You can send a Demand Draft/Money Order in favour of Niral Business Institute payable at Mumbai andmention your complete address with contact number and course name.

By Bank Transfer - For Indian customers you can deposit the cheque to our current account at ICICI Bank.

Account Name - NIRAL INDUSTRIES (use this name in case of Bank Transfer)

Account Number - 62380 5025040

For foreign customers (Outside India) Payment by Credit/Debit Card only for small amount and in case of Demand Draft and Bank Transfer their fix charges are high and take considerable amount of time to come to our account.

How would I receive the course material?

We send the course material by Registered Post or Courier whichever is convenient and economical. For courier you can also suggest few courier services at your place.

For International order course material would be dispatched by Registered Air Mail Post only.

It will be dispatch immediately but give us 3 - 5 working days for that.

Do you provide us the source of procuring Raw Material?

Yes. Mostly Local address, but after going through the course material you will get the names of chemical used and then you can enquire in your area. In case of difficulty you can anytime reach to us.

Where are the courses conducted & what are the timings & what is the duration? Do you have any other Branch?

The Courses are conducted at our office in Mumbai. Its address -

Niral Business Institute, 230 Gala Complex,

2nd Floor, Gala Industrial Estate, Dumping Road,

Mulund (West), Mumbai - 400080.

Maharashtra, India.

Phone - 91-22-25641428/25923657.

Mobile - 9819423001

Mostly all the courses are for one day only and gets completed in 2 - 3 hours duration. Hence the courses are arranged in Flexible timings as per mutual convenience. Our office timing is Monday to Saturday from 11.00 AM to 06.00 PM.

Our office is at Mulund and we do not have any Branch.

Can I learn topics in one day or in few hours?

Of course one can easily learn the topics in a day or in few hours.Infact we have systematic self-study course material where we have provided complete knowledge and step-by-step procedure.

For Example - Scented Agarbatti - To make Agarbatti it will not take more than 10 - 15 minutes but to make you understand this topic it takes 2 hours. Our point is that in few hours also one can easily learn the Topic.

Infact majority of our students have learnt it even without coming to our office with the help of our self-study course material. For any difficulty you can always call us at 91-22- 25641428/25923657 in our working hours 11.00 AM–07.00 PM or you can write to us or email us. You can also make a personal visit at our office if possible from your end with prior appointment and free follow up guidance will be provided.

Do you buy back the Finished Product or provide us the source where we can sell them?

No. It is practically not possible.

Remember - Manufacturing & Marketing will be your responsibility. Our advice is that you must invest in the product, which you can manufacture and market.

Caution - Don't get carried away by the False Buy - Back Agreement as it is practically not possible for any one/firm to do it. During our experience of over 30 years we have seen many people who were the victims of such False Scheme/Agreement and they are still suffering.

If you see it from the General Point of view - the cost of production for a product will be same - you manufacture or that firm manufactures. It is obvious that you are not giving them the cost of production, you are definitely going to add your profit margin, which is indirectly loss of profit to that firm. If a Firm has Machine, Market and Knowledge to manufacture etc., why don't they themselves manufacture instead of sharing a profit to you.

Cheap labouris easily available who works for Rs.40 - 50 for whole day for 8 - 10 hours. Thus the work which can be done for approximatelyRs.1500/- No one can afford to do the same thing by paying you 10,000 - 15,000 a month. In such a case people will teach you such things which are not possible to manufacture by anyone and even if one manufactures rejection and wastage of material is very high which is indirectly your loss, thus they cheat you and recover the money indirectly from you and do their profitable business. And if it really works, nobody would be unemployed.

The Decision is yours. No doubt the Business is Exciting, Risky, Investment, Profits & Loss are there but the complete lookout Manufacturing & Marketing have to be performed by you as there are no substitutes for Hard Work & Dedication.

Everyone wants to be a Businessman and everyone can become a successful Businessman. The only thing you need is Right Knowledge and Right Training from Right Person. To start a Business is not that much difficult, it is rather easier. Infact, Now-a-days there is a big need of Self Employment for all. There are good jobs but not everyone can get it. If you are working or looking for a job you can very well start your Part Time Business from Home. So do not stand in a Queue for a job Interview, start your own Business with small capital.

Risk and Reward go together hand in hand. Take Smart risk. Be prepared to take risk but choose your risks properly to ensure that you use it to your Best Advantage. Hence we suggest when you have no idea of Business Take Small risk and invest in a Small Home Business or in such products which are consumer products having daily consumption and can be easily sold at any place.

If you cannot sell to shopkeeper/Retailer no problem, You have the whole public to whom you can sell, directly market to consumers who will get quality items at much cheaper rates. In beginning sell products at lower rates to enter into the market and later keep adding your product list and increase your turnover and profits.

Our aim is to encourage entrepreneurs for business and self-employment. We are not giving you any false commitment to get rich but we show you or guide you for self-employment opportunity. Niral Business Institute has enabled the self-employed poor to achieve economic self-reliance by providing the basic tools of training. It's your turn to be self-employed.

Silicone Rubber Moulds?

Why you should know about our products?

Recently candle has been in news and number of people burn candle daily for aromatherapy, peace, pleasure, decoration, religious purpose, etc. We view this as an opportunity to inform you that our moulds represent the very best in quality for candle making.

The material we use is the finest available for candle mould. In fact our Rubber are so flexible and durable that one can make huge number of candles from 1 mould without much efforts & breakage.

Why Silicone Rubber Mould?

Many exclusive designs are such that they could not be made in metal casting or with cheap Indian Latex Rubber. For such design we have to go for Silicone Rubber only. In these mould you get the exclusive designer candle.

Silicone Rubber is one of the Best Rubber for making moulds for making candles. These Rubbers are so flexible that one can take the candle out easily. Many of the complicated designs can also be made in this Silicone Rubber Mould.

In this Silicone Rubber there are many qualities and types. The Rubber we use is the imported rubber and is of the best quality in its grade, these are sourced from direct dealer hence we have good control on quality and flexibility. Also the use of Fresh Rubber gives more flexibility. Providing you the Best of quality moulds at much economical rates.

Benefits of Silicone Rubber Mould?

These moulds are also durable hence one can make huge number of candles with the help of these moulds. Being flexible candles come out so easily and perfectly thus saving your valuable time and money and giving you more production in less time. One can make 500 - 1000 candles from 1 mould (this depends on how you use it and also how you design it, once your hand is set on mould you can easily make 1000 of candles).

Cost of Moulds?

These moulds are not too costly, the moulds price range starts from Rs.100 onwards to Rs.500 - 1000 depending on size and design. Please go through our site.

Why not Cheap Rubber?

Cheap Latex moulds are less Durable and less Flexible. Hence they get damaged after making few candles and it gets difficult to remove candles from the mould resulting more breakage of candle thus Waste of Time, Money & Effort. Very simple designs can be made with minimum complications. Price range Rs.50 – 100.