Pooja Jyoti - Ghee Jyoti Course

Learn to make Pooja Joti - Ghee Jyoti which is now widely used and in Great Demand

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What will i learn?
  • Learn to make Pooja Jyoti - Ghee Jyoti
  • One make make without Wax Combination also
  • Different Combination and Formulation to make Pooja Jyoti

Curriculum for this course
3 Lessons 00:15:54 Hours
Introduction to Pooja Jyoti Course - Video
2 Lessons 00:07:17 Hours
  • Introduction to Pooja Jyoti 00:00:57
  • Material required to Make Pooja Jyoti 00:06:20
  • Making Pooja Jyoti 00:08:37
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Pooja Jyoti is combination of Pure Ghee and Wax [ one can make without wax also ] - which has given easiness and flexibility for doing Pooja & Diyabatti. This is not an recent item, but its is actually running successfully in market since last 10 - 15 years.

Human Being has always looking for easiness and are openly ready for it. You might have seen ready cotton wick or phulwat - people directly place in diya and add ghee or oil & burn it. Sameways one can use Pooja Jyoti also - No need to add Ghee or Oil. Just place Pooja Jyoti in diya and Burn it.

Today's Generation are always on Fast Track - this Pooja Jyoti has given much easiness and flexibility to this new emerging market trend.

One more advantage of Pooja Jyoti is that it has aroma which gives pleasant smokeless aroma while burning, Ideal for those who burn diya in their small AC Pack office room as Agarbatti will give smoke - which many don't like. Ideal for Aroma Diffuser also. Today's market is flooded with Scented Candles and such candles are sold at a very high price - so one can easily and profitably sell such products in market.

Spiritual Benefits of Pooja Jyoti

As per our Religion - complete Earth and every living Being - Human, Animal, Insects, Trees are said be made of 5 Elements. This 5 elements are AIR Element, FIRE Element, WATER Element, METAL Elememt, EARTH Element

In Pooja Jyoti there is a combination of this 5 element

1. AIR Element - aroma we add in Pooja Jyoti compromise in AIR ELEMENT
2. FIRE Element - When we burn it i.e. FIRE ELEMENT
3. WATER Element - small 5 gm Pooja Jyoti can Float in water also & will burn for app. 1 hour, WATER ELEMENT
4. EARTH Element - By Placing some Flowers in Floating Water or adding essential Earth Oil like Rose Oil, Tulsi Oil,
5. METAL Elememt - Metal base wick sustainer also available or in floating add coins which will give dual purpose one metal element & also while burining Pooja jyoti will energise Money & will bring prosperity

  • One can make such combination of 5 element & burn it. In any form combination of 5 items will increase the Power to infinity. Panch amrit, panch Dhaatu, Panc tatva, we also burn 5 Agarbatti at a time or diya holder will always have space for 5 flames.
  • One can make Pooja Jyoti of different colours - by which one gets benefits of Colour Therapy also - if you see Daily Forecast they will say Your Lucky Colour is blue and so on. Colour Therapy is big therapy.
  • Pooja Jyoti as per different days of weeks
  • Pooja Jyoti as per different God / Goddess
    - Red Colour for Lord Ganesh
    - Blue Colour for Gautam Buddha
    - Black Colour for Rahu, Ketu & Shani
    - Green for Prosperity - Laxmi Mata and so on...
  • There are many spiritual concepts which one can add with the help of Pooja Jyoti

Colour Therapy :: Vaastu Therapy :: Aroma Therapy are all running Full-fledge in market as the Science behind this concepts is vary strong and people are getting benefits from this since Decades

Also Tarot Card Reader - heal their patient by giving them customized Colour Candle with custom aroma. Patient have to burn it for 15 - 30 days and meditate while burning it. It has seen patient have good significant difference and healing in 10 - 15 days

There are many Businessman who have taken advantage of our knowledge and this Pooja Jyoti Course and are selling different Colour and Aroma combination Pooja Jyoti in name of

  • Different Days of Week,
  • Star sign
  • As per different Gods & Goddess
  • Vaastu Pooja Jyoti
  • Different Chakra Pooja Jyoti
  • Prosperity Pooja Jyoti
  • Rahu - Ketu - Shani Pooja jyoti & many more range

Pooja Jyoti is worth giving a try
Being new comer in your local market you can easily capture the market
Everyone who had started this product have always Prosper in this Pooja Jyoti

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