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    Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp Machine

    Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp Machine = Rs. 7500
    Start up Raw Material = Rs. 1500
    Courier [ India ] = Rs. 750

    Total Rs. 9750.00

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    Rs. 11,500.00

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    We are one of the Leading manufacturers of Pre - Ink stamp & Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp machine for making Rubber Stamp by Latest Techniques & very simple chemical process.

    We are pleased to inform that we have developed Exposing Unit for making NYLON [POLYMER] RUBBER STAMP MAKING & PRE-INKING STAMP MAKING at home. This unique Stamping System, already vogue in most country such as USA, UK, GULF, AFRICA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA etc.. We are offering Rubber Stamp making Machine, Flash Pre Ink Stamp Machine, Liquid polymer Stamp Machine, Sheet Polymer Stamp Machine.

    Why Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp

    • The print impression obtained from NYLON STAMP is Sharp, Durable, Attractive and totally differs from the conventional & ordinary used Rubber Stamps
    • Manufacturing process is very simple and one can start from home in small space with minimum investment.
    • One can make Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp in 30 minutes
    • Computer Not compulsory required but you need compose Laser Tracing Print for the matter you want to make Rubber Stamp.
    • You can make tracing print of matter from D.T.P. centre.
    • Cost of production is very Low - 1 Rubber Stamp of 4 -5 line cost app. Rs. 3 - 5 + cost of Handle. It goes to customer for 60 - 80

    How does it work

    • This is chemical process where with the use of photographic material and special exposing light you can convert liquid polymer to solid rubber sheet with your matter on it and can be used to get impression as rubber stamp.
    • Now a days this process is used by every rubber stamp maker and can be started in small area even at home

    Features of this Machine

    • It has got an Electronic Digital Timer for perfect accuracy.
    • Exposing area of 8 x 8 inch
    • Small Table Top Model of app. Size 12 x 12 x 10 inch
    • Machine weights app. 10 kgs with Packing.

    How we developed this Machine

    • We are one of the Largest Manufacturer of Small Home Level Machineries since 1975. We manufacture Candle Moulds, Chalk Moulds, Crayon Moulds, Polymer Nylon Rubber Stamp, Pre ink Stamp & Designer Silicone Rubber Candle Moulds [ 500+ designs
    • This Nylon Rubber Stamp Machine we are having since last more than 15 years.
    • 15 years Back when this imported machines were Launched in India and were sold for 25,000+, we had introduced a model for around 4000 - 5000 [ almost 15 years back ]

    Why buy from us

    • This is our own made - Indian made machine and not the Chinese machine & the Parts used in this machine are Indian only. In Future also if customer face any problem, things can be sorted out.
    • Along with Machine we give some additional Spare Parts of the Machine, so in case after 5 - 6 years if any need arise you have the spare of the same lot or else one can ask us & we can courier that to you at that prevailing price. Our same model is running since 10 years
    • Most important Lamps we used are Premium Japanese Lamp whose shelf life is more than 5000 hours & it emits same Frequency for years. Chinese Lamp frequency changes in 3 months. We give 1 extra Lamp to you for future need.
    • Till date we have sold more than 400 machine all over India and worldwide

    Cost of Machine & Start-up kit

    Cost of Machine - Rs. 7500
    Start - Up Chemical Kit Rs. 1500.00.
    Courier anywhere in India Rs. 1000.00

    Total Rs. 10,000.00

    In that you get

    1] Exposing Unit
    2] Printed Self - study Course Book and Consultancy
    3] Start-up Raw Material kit which include Liquid Polymer, Developing Chemical, Fixers, Negative Film, Back Sheet
    4] Some extra Spares of Machine like 1 extra lamp plus customized Holder set of Lamp.
    5] Machine is properly Packed with Bubble Bag and Thermocol

    Training Course

    • One Day Training Course Conducted at our Office.
    • Course Duration 2 - 3 Hours.
    • If you want to learn Training Course at our office than our Course Fees Rs. 1500.00 or USD $ 60.00.

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    Payment Details - you may send your payment by -

    1] Online by Credit / Debit Card or Net Banking. For that Add the product to cart, log in & check out.

    2] Demand Draft in favour of Niral Business Institute payable at Mumbai.

    3] You may deposit Cheque or Cash at our account in ICICI Bank or Axis Bank / HDFC Bank. Now Banks are charging us Rs. 100 per Transaction extra for availing this facility at the end of the month, so for Bank Transfer kindly add Rs. 100.00 for that. In case you go for Draft & courier it to us, it would have cost you the same amount & would take a weeks time. So cash deposit is best option with nominal increase in cost & saves lot of time. After depositing intimate us & e-mail your course required & your complete Postal address & contact number [ if any] Branch : Mulund
    • HDFC Bank – A/c Name – Niral Business Institute. A/c No – 00152000013696
    • ICICI Bank – A/c Name – Niral Industries. A/c No – 623805025040.
    • AXIS Bank – A/c Name – Niral Industries. A/c No – 108010200017231

    We suggest you to send by Cash Deposit unlike from Demand Draft / at par Cheque, which would indirectly be costing you Rs. 50 – 80 for Bank & Courier charges. By nominal extra we get Same Day Clearance and 5 to 7 days would be saved. For your Provision and easiness we have opened accounts in 3 of the Most Leading Banks. Of course Credit or Debit Card or Net Banking is Best option where you to pay nothing Extra

    4] For Dispatch of Course Material to your Place by Registered Post or Courier add Rs. 100.00 to the Total amount. After depositing intimate us & e-mail your course required & your complete Postal address & contact number [if any].

    5] For Outside India Online Payment by Credit Card is the only option, if you are not finding it possible please mail us personally, we shall try to find alternate ways.</br>

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